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Kors Ltd., Banja Luka is an authorized representative of RIELLO, ITALY, one of the world's leading manufacturers of UPS devices.

New solution definition

Rielo-UPS is a part of Riello Elettronica and is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of single-phase and three-phase UPSs in the 400VA to 6.4MVA range. 

Founded in 1983, Riello Elettronica is today a holding group of significant and growing companies whose focus is mainly on electronics and telecommunications. All members of the holding company are very successful companies, leaders in their fields of activity, and operate independently within their business strategy.

Riello is one of the largest manufacturers of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and Standby Power Systems in Europe, with offices around the world. The company has three design and production centers in Italy: Legnаgo, Milаno and Torino. Riello-UPS is a true leader in Europe in the production of UPS systems for continuous power supply.

Through constant investments in research and development, production and market launch, Riello-UPS constantly raises the reliability, quality and efficiency of its products through two key parameters: Continuity (by guaranteeing a stable and secure electrical supply) and quality (in terms of frequency, voltage, sine wave and energy efficiency).

Riello-UPS devices cover all areas: home appliances, SOHO devices, industry, electromedics, data centers, telecommunications equipment, airports, military, police, ...

In keeping with the motto Energy that doesn't stop Riello-UPS devices and systems are characterized by exceptional technical characteristics, high reliability and superior design. The product range consists of devices with a power from 400VA up to 6.4MVA, as well as all accessories, transfer switch devices, communication cards, sensors, software for complete control and control of the UPS system..

Riello-UPS boasts that it has developed UPS solutions for every purpose, from home and SOHO applications to high-end, sophisticated hi-end applications.




Net Power

Net Dialog



Dialog Vision

Vision Dual


Riello's line of interactive interactive devices range from 400VA to 3000VA. Series of devices such as iPlug and iDialog are great choice in the SOHO variant and in every respect will exceed your expectations. Devices from the iDialog series are in the best-selling UPS group of this segment in the domestic market in 2010.

Net Power and Net Dialog, at more than competitive prices, offers you uninterrupted power supplied via AVR and EMI filters. Dialog Vision are very affordable rack models with a power of 500-1100VA. For the most demanding users,looking for a power supply of quality measurable with online technology (pure sinusoidal output) Vision and Vision Dual UPS range available from 800 - 3000VA. Vision Dual uređaji su istovremeno rack i tower verzije. Switch-over period kod ovih uredjaja manji je od 2ms...

For more information contact us at phone: 051/327-430 or e-mail:kors@blic.net


ONLINE UPS DEVICES single phase / single phase, 700VA - 10kVA

Sentinel Pro

Sentinel Dual Low Power

Sentinel Dual LP

Sentinel Dual Hi Power

Sentinel Dual HP

The rich offer in this segment is characterized by high-performance UPS devices made using the latest technology. The Sentinel Pro Series as the successor to the outstanding Dialog Plus Series devices, with its innovative design and excellent output voltage characteristics, is a true refresh in the UPS market in its category. Complementing this series of devices is the Sentinel Series Dual in Low Power and Hi Power variants. The great advantage of the Sentinel Dual series is that the chassis are built for mounting in 19 "rack, but can also be mounted as tower cabinets. The strongest Sentinel Dual Hi Power 6.5 - 10kVA models have a three phase input.

For more information contact us at phone: 051/327-430 or e-mail:kors@blic.net


ONLINE UPS Cabinet Type Appliances, Three Phase / Single Phase

Sentinel Power Green

Sentinel Power Green

Sentinel Power

Sentinel Power


Multi Sentry MCM MSM

Multi Sentry MCM

Master MPS MPM

Master MPS - MPM

Sentinel Power Green is the latest Riello product in the 6 - 20kVA power range in 1: 1 and 3: 1 variants with excellent quality, compact dimensions and parallel capabilities. Sentinel Power is already well known to many our customers. Available in a wide range of 5 - 10kVA capacities, in 1: 1 and 3: 1 variants it has found application in the IT sector as well as in many other areas of business.

Universal Multi Sentry UPS is available in 10-20kVA variants. It is available in single-phase and three-phase variants. Many additional options are available: additional battery cabinets, parallel kit, auxiliary chargers, isolation transformers, etc. which makes him extremely adaptable and grateful in designing the solution.

Master MPS is a device that brings together the best that UPS can provide, high reliability, 98% efficiency, 84 - 276VA power range, 150% overload threshold for 4 ", output pF 0.8, ECO6 energy level , parallelization, redundancy and more...

For more information contact us at phone: 051/327-430 or e-mail:kors@blic.net


ONLINE UPS Cabinet Type, Three Phase / Three Phase

MultiSentry MCT MST

Multi Sentry MCT i MST

Multi Guard

Multi Guard


Multi Guard Industrial


Master HP

Master MPS MPT

Master MPS - MPT

Master Plus Industrial

Master Plus Industrial


For more information contact us at phone: 051/327-430 or e-mail:kors@blic.net


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