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Phone: 051 327-430, 327-431
Brace Pisteljica 1
78000 Banja Luka
Email: kors@blic.net

Electric Installations
Distribution Cabinets
Electric heaters - GLAMOX
Heating cables - DEVI
Lightning arresters with early start - SERELI
Reactive power compensation
Cutting tools - DIEWE GERMANY


We sell lighting fixtures and electrical cables, switches, sockets and other components. We carry out all kinds of electrical work of high and low electricity.

Distributivni razvodni ormari (DRO)
In addition to sales, KORS installs exclusively silumin cabinets.
The housing is made of RAL 7032 painted silumin.
The degree of mechanical protection is IP 55 according to DIN 40050.
Supply cables are connected to fuses via a copper rail.
Overvoltage protection for touch is zero or protective earth.

Distribution cabinets
One example of distribution cabinets from our production

Sockets and switches
Here we would like to point out that our offer includes the sale and installation of a wide selection of sockets and switches.

Our company installs luminaires for various purposes and features:


Lightning rod installation
We perform not only classic lightning rod installation work but also with HERMI lightning rods (invisible lightning rod)
Low current systems
We carry out all works related to:
  • Computer networks
    We carry out structural cabling systems based on copper and optical cables
  • Intercom installations
  • Telephone installations
  • TV installations
  • Antenna systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Video surveillance systems
  • CO detection
  • Access control
  • Clock systems (digital or analog)
  • Intelligent room
  • Sound systems
  • Conference and translation systems

    Clock systems

    Conference and translation systems (hotel Kardijal)
    The renovated Kardial Hotel was officially opened in Banja Vrucica, Teslic in RS, on June 7, 2010. Chairman of the Board of Directors Dragan Bogdanic, pointed out that in addition to the modern medical center, luxuriously equipped rooms, the hotel also has a large conference room and several lounges, modernly equipped for congress tourism. In addition to the Sennheiser SDC 8200 conference system, the large hall for 400 participants is also equipped with the Tourguide 2020D wireless digital translation system.

    Special interpreters booths feature SDC 8200 ID translation units, while the room is also equipped with Sennheiser wireless microphones to ask questions from the audience and communicate with the speakers.

    For smaller events, press conferences, group work, the VIP lounge is equipped with a conference system, so it is possible to hold two independent meetings at the same time. This complex technology project was carried out by KORS.

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