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Phone: 051 327-430, 327-431
Brace Pisteljica 1
78000 Banja Luka
Email: kors@blic.net

Electric Installations
Distribution Cabinets
Electric heaters - GLAMOX
Heating cables - DEVI
Lightning arresters with early start - SERELI
Reactive power compensation
Cutting tools - DIEWE GERMANY


KORS company founded in 1982. The main activity of "KORS" is performing all kinds of electrical works.

We install:
  • DISTRIBUTION CABINETS from own production - all types with CE , with equipment of world well-known manufacturer ABB, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, GENERAL ELECTRIC,HAGER, as well as wiring and repairs of existing distribution cabinets,
  • ALL TYPES of reputable manufacturer lightings with the appropriate degree of protection
  • cables ( NN , VN, heating and other types of cables )
  • Substations, Aggregate, UPS devices
  • Perform the work related to the grounding and lightning protection system, set up the installation and connection accessories
  • Perform the work related to outdoor lighting with the delivery and installation of lighting poles and lamps
  • Perform the work on setting up low voltage installations in cooperation with other companies from the Republic of Serbian or independently we set up the equipment from different manufacturers of low power and commissioning.
  • electric heatrers Glamox
We sell products from following companies:
  • Devi Denmark (heating floors, heating ramps and side roads, flat roofs and gutters)
  • DIEWE Germaniy - cutting tools
  • GLAMOX - Norwegian heaters (Glamox i Adax NEO)
  • SERELI France- Skaylance Lightning arresters with early start (E.S.E)

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