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Kors Ltd., Banja Luka is an Authorized Representative of SERELI, France, a renowned manufacturer of Skaylance lightning arresters with early start (E.S.E).

SKYLANCE is the latest, most successful arrester with early start (E.S.E), developed completely based on SERELI's extensive and extensive experience in the field. SERELI's experience covers both the area of radio and high frequency frequencies and works closely with leading European cable and satellite providers.

SERELI - 20 years of experience in designing lightning arrester with early start (E.S.E)
Founded in 1985, SERELI has manufactured more than 40,000 early-stage lightning arreste (E.S.E) installed in more than 50 countries worldwide. SERELI has more than 20 years of experience in the development and production of atmospheric discharge protection equipment and in the sale of a complete program that includes:
  • lightning arrester with early start (E.S.E.),
  • devices for overvoltage protection of data lines,
  • high frequency instruments for measuring the grounding system,
  • impact and spark counters.

SKYLANCE is the latest and most advanced in the series of lightning rods manufactured by SERELI. SKYLANCE boasts improved performance thanks to SERELI's extensive experience in lightning protection design.
  • The high-voltage block participates, along with the peak, in improved atmospheric discharge acceptance,
  • High-voltage stainless steel block installed in the interior further increases the resistance of SKYLANCE mechanical construction and withstands high intensity atmospheric discharge currents,
  • SKYLANCE's spark gap is protected from rain and weather pollution.Stainless steel connectors are used to attach spacers conductors on the SKYLANCE gripper.
    Several types of lightning conductor wires can be used:
      - 25 x 4 mm traka
      - 30 x 2 mm traka
      - 10 mm okrugli provodnik
Expert knowledge and production process (enabled):
Longer life span
The closed air gap of the lightning rod ensures that the lightning rod will not be affected by: rain and pollutants, thereby significantly increasing the life of the SKYLANCE lightning protection unit.
Production process
For production of SKYLANCE, SERELI uses state-of-the-art industrial processes and proven measurement techniques that he has mastered through years of experience in this field.
Factory testing
The SKYLANCE device is individually tested in SERELA prior to delivery laboratories, and each individual piece is shipped with a factory test certificate.
SKYLANCE best E.S.E active lightning rod
SKYLANCE has an improved early start system that has increased the ability to accept atmospheric discharge compared to other lightning rods.
SKYLANCE references
Aeorodrom Sarl de Gol i hotel Hyatt u Parizu, Scientific Atlanta Francuska

Test procedure
according to NF C17-102 is confirmed by LCIE: Lead Time and SKYLANCE performance has been tested and validated in a high voltage laboratory in: "Centre de Genie Electrique" u Lionu, Francuska. This test was successful and a test certificate was issued by LCIE, Laboratory "Central des Industries Electriques", and in accordance with Annex C of the French standard NFC 17-102. The SKYLANCE construction has been optimized during numerous high-voltage laboratory tests, and its performance has been measured in France's largest high-voltage testing laboratory, Centre d'Essais Aeronautique u Tuluzu - CEAT.

The production test consists of a detailed verification of SKYLANCE using a high voltage generator and a high voltage probe, and the result is displayed on an oscilloscope. This control is paramount and is carried out on all the samples produced to verify the quality of the product.

SKYLANCE is designed to withstand the harshest storm conditions and high intensity atmospheric shocks.
The SKYLANCE construction is made of 304L stainless steel. This ensures that SKYLANCE is waterproof, corrosion-proof and provides maximum mechanical strength. The tip is 620 mm in length for SL25, SL45 and SL65. Safety screws are used to improve the attachment of the top and grips. SKYLANCE is designed to withstand the harshest storm conditions and high intensity atmospheric shocks.

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