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DEVI is Europe's largest manufacturer of electric underfloor heating equipment. We are the only company in the sector that develops, manufactures and markets complete systems containing both heating cables and thermostats. That is why there is a complete fit between the individual components that make up our heating systems, which means high performance, optimum reliability and utility, and correspondingly low power consumption.

DEVI manufactures a wide range of proven and tested heating cable solutions - from thin grid systems designed for renovation purposes to complete room heating systems in private homes as well as in offices and industrial buildings.
DEVI also supplies snow and ice melting solutions. Our cables and thermostats keep traffic surfaces, loading ramps and roof structures safe in cold areas around the world.
We provide pipe and gutter frost protection systems and heat the soil in greenhouses or even under football fields.

Snow and ice melting

The DEVI snow and ice melt system consists of deviflex or devi-iceguard heating nets, devireg thermostat and installation accessories. The DEVI system can be applied on roof structures and on the ground.
The DEVI system is designed to provide safety for people, vehicles and buildings through safe walking and driving during winter and safety in terms of less damage to buildings.
The DEVI system works completely automatically. It automatically registers the need for melting snow and ice and turns heating on and off as needed.


The DEVI roof and gutter system can be installed on any type of roof structure where there is a need to prevent dissolved water from accumulating in the gutters and reduce the damage caused by the structure caused by ice.
The system should be installed along the edge of the roof or at places where there is a risk of snow and ice formation. Damage is prevented in the gutters by the efficient and free drainage of the dissolved water, which ensures that the system is functioning satisfactorily.

Electronic devireg thermostats ensure optimum results with the least amount of energy consumed. To achieve these results, sensors and thermostats read the weather with great precision, automatically including turning off heating at the right moment. Common areas of application are roof structures, vertical and horizontal gutters and roof rigs.

Krovni ( horizontalni) i vertikalni oluci

The cable goes back and forth along the gutter as many times as needed to reach the required power. Two cable lengths (front and back) are common enough.
In general, if the outside temperature is above -20 ? C, you need:
  • - 2 cable lengths in a gutter on a cold roof,
  • - 3 cable lengths in a gutter on a warm roof.

    If the temperature is below -20 ? C you need:
  • - 3 cable lengths in a gutter on a cold roof,
  • - 4 cable lengths in a gutter on a warm roof.

    Heating cables can be installed in multiple ways in gutters, but usually the same cable is installed for roof and horizontal gutters.
    In roof gutters, cables are fixed at regular intervals by means of devifast holders.
    In the vertical gutters is hung a metal chain on the inside to which the devifast fasteners are later attached. If the length of the cable does not exceed 50cm, a metal chain is not required but hooks are still required. As an alternative, a rope in vertical gutters may be used. In this case, the cable is attached with special metal clips. If a self-regulating cable (deviguard) is used for roofing applications, then 1m cable per 1m gutter is usually sufficient. Self-regulating cables do not require the use of a metal chain in a vertical gutter. The cable must be protected from the sharp edges of the gutter.

    Krovne rigole

    Installation of heating cables in rigs is usually in connection with larger buildings. The heating cable is routed back and forth along the gutters to achieve adequate power per m2. We recommend devifast mounting strap for securing the cable in the rig and devifast plastic cable holders for attaching the cable to the metal chain in the vertical gutter.

    Often, multiple horizontal gutters are located in the middle of the rig. If a small cable length is run along the pipe, devifast holders should be used to avoid crossover. If the cable runs the entire length of the pipe, it must be held by a chain hanging from the top of the pipe. The chain hook must be positioned over the cables in the gutter.

    Roof structures

    During the winter, the following unpleasant occurrences (especially on warm roofs) can occur : a large amount of snow and ice accumulates on the lower unheated portion of the roof. It gradually condenses and turns into a large pile of ice. In the spring or when the weather melts during the winter, this boulder can slide down the roof, damaging the roof structure and creating a serious threat to anyone and everyone near the house. The usual power for a roof is 250 W/m2.
    To prevent ice accumulation, heating cables should be installed on the lower part of the roof. When heating cables are installed on the roof, the installation is often combined with a snow stop unit to prevent snow from slipping. This snow stop unit is common sets at 50 - 100 cm from the edge of the roof.

    The heating cable is installed in arches that are 50 to 100 cm from the roof edge, according to the snow stop unit. It is important that the cable be installed in arches along and down the roof rather than a straight line along the roof. The cable must be secured at appropriate intervals as the installation is exposed to harsh weather conditions.

    In some cases, the cable may be covered with sheet metal of the same material as the roof. This protects the cable from mechanical damage, direct sunlight, fallen leaves, etc..


    Loading ramps
    Loading ramps must be safe and free from snow and ice. DEVI snow and ice melting system reduces the risk of accidents and provides work at any time. Loading ramps are usually open and therefore exposed to cold weather.

    Exterior stairs
    Snow and ice melting system can be used as an effective prevention against slippery and dangerous steps.

    The snow and ice melting system can provide a safe pedestrian surface. Aside from keeping pedestrian zones free of snow, the system it also provides clean entrances to stores.

    Pipe heating
    The DEVI pipe tracing system consists of deviflex heating cables, devireg thermostat and installation accessories. Devireg thermostats with sensors ensure optimum results with the lowest possible energy consumption.

    DEVI pipe tracing systems can be used for two basic purposes:
    1. frost protection of pipes
    2. maintaining the desired temperature in the pipes

    Frost protection systems are installed where there is a need to prevent freezing and damage caused by ice pipes to the water and sewer pipes.


    The heating system appropriate to this time, and yet technically ahead of it, can be identified by several factors.
    - It's flexible.
    - It's comfortable.
    - It is inexpensive to install.
    - It uses the full potential of an energy source and therefore uses less energy. This product meets the environmental requirements.

    DEVIHEAT is just such a system.

    DEVIHEAT is flexible...!
    Deviheat ensures adequate heating of rooms in the home, shop, office, gym and wherever the warmth is needed. Can be installed in all types of floors.
    Deviheat is not seen.

    DEVIHEAT is a good investment...!
    It is a heating system with the lowest possible energy loss. It is inexpensive to install. Deviheat is long lasting. Deviflex heating cables will last as long as the house in which they are installed without having to be maintained.!

    DEVIHEAT is environmentally justified...!
    It uses energy efficiently thanks to the thermal effects of the electronic Deviheat thermostat, which provides extremely precise control of energy consumption.

    Areas of application:
    Deviheat underfloor heating can be used without exception in all rooms in the home or office or in other buildings.

    The advantage of DEVIHEAT:
    - Warm floor.
    - Strong floor construction without necessary maintenance.
    - Wide range of options.
    - There is less need for ventilation.
    - Dry floor.
    - Moisture prevention.

    To control the temperature, a Devireg thermostat is required. There is a wide range of Devireg thermostats: with room sensor, floor sensor or a combination of the two.

    There are, as can be seen, many reasons for DEVIHEAT to be your choice.



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