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Winterizing in our area is becoming a problem and has headaches: how to get expensive firewood and coal and how to extract almost a small fortune from your home budget for electricity consumed. I tako iz godine u godinu.

Economical heating solution for el. energy comes from Viking land, known as "NORWAY RADIATORS", which used to heat ships. According to last year's calculations, using "NORWAY "(GLAMOX AND ADAX) electricity bills were up to 40-50% lower than floor heating.

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    Glamox radiators operate on an ecological principle, following a natural, non-exhaust air circulation system, which avoids the leakage of dust around the room and does not produce allergens harmful to human health, as is the case with other heating devices. Thanks to the radiator design, heater construction and built-in electronic thermostat, you can heat Your home is economical, healthy and comfortable. The electricity is heated separately constructed heater of high active surface and thermal conductivity which directly transmits heat to the air that naturally circulates through the heater and onto this way heats the air in your space.

    Norwegian radiators they work on principle of CONVECTION ( Download convection is a phenomenon that occurs when fluid (liquid or gas) exchanges heat within itself, by simple stirring), none fan, cold air enters the radiator to the lower opening, passing over specially designed heater the air heats up, gets lighter and goes out the upper opening and directly heats the space by natural air circulation.
    Design of the radiator (principle of operation of a venturi tube or cone) provides intense airflow and rapid heat exchange.
    The advantage of this principle is that the heating is on low tempertures Therefore, the heating efficiency is higher and the losses during the transformation of electricity are minimal (the efficiency is approx. ~ 98%). This principle of operation provides maximum comfort in heating because the temperature in the space is distributed evenly.
    By placing the radiator under the window, or as close as possible to the source of the cold, it is achieved that natural circulation prevents the penetration of cold air into the room, heated air is a natural heat curtain.

    GLAMOX AND ADAX panel radiators are known as efficient heating devices. The large active surface heating element is made of a special alloy aluminum, very good thermal conductivity, which is very light, harmless and spreads heat very effectively. The construction of the heater is such that the temperature on the surface of the heater is always less than 250 ? C so that when heating does not cause the dust to ignite and oxygen consumption from space.They combine the latest technology with sophisticated functionality, so can be used at home as well as in other areas. All control systems they are placed on top of the product so that they are easily accessible and visible.

    We offer a wide range of branded electric heating products GLAMOX AND ADAX HEATING: from a radiator with a digital programmable thermostat to heating systems operated from a mobile phone via WiFi application. Precise temperature control is important for comfort and comfort the air in the room. That's why GLAMOX AND ADAX has been in use for over 25 years sensitive electronic thermostats. The room temperature no longer deviates from 0.3 ? C. The digital thermostat regulates the temperature intelligently, reducing it is when you are sleeping, or working, or at school. Energy saving periods they are selected according to your needs.

    GLAMOX radiators can be used as primary or auxiliary space heating throughout the year. GLAMOX Heating is absolutely safe: an overheat safety shut-off is installed (in case accidentally be covered), auto start if the temperature drops below setpoints, low reachable surface temperature, etc..

    Accessories: floor mounts for attaching the heater to the floor, protection for curtains, thermostat covers can be ordered separately. The heaters do not burn dust and oxygen particles, they do not emit an unpleasant odor, so the warm and good climate in the rooms is guaranteed.

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    • Negligible temperature (the temperature is the same as measured near and far from the heater), For fast heating and uniform temperature throughout the room, it is important to have a natural flow of warm air. The GLAMOX and ADAX radiators have a convenient design, with a rounded tip, so they release warm air from the front, straight into the room.
    • Safety grille on air vents,
    • Low front panel temperature,
    • Mountable behind the curtain (competitors seek removal of furniture min 50 cm),
    • Not the black wall above the heater,
    • The main advantage of electronic thermostats is the high accuracy of 0.1 ? C and regulation with 0.3 ? C, which is 10 times more accurate than standard thermostats possessed by other heaters. %) because standard thermostats respond to a change of 3 ? C and each stage consumes approximately 5% more energy. The thermostat has a longer shelf life because there are no mechanical contacts,
    • The use of a DT digital thermostat increases savings by a further 26% since it only works with the heater when programmed, and this is done according to the user's habits and needs,
    • The low temperature of the heater does not cause the dust to burn, keeping oxygen in the room, which is important for asthmatics and other allergists,
    • For the same reason the air in the room is not drained, (competitors place water containers),
    • The sheet is plasticized and galvanized so it is resistant to shock, wear and bending and does not peel,
    • The radiator is designed so as not to be heard during heating and cooling - silent operation.
    • Emphasis is placed on the environment: The Adax NP heater line was designed by one of the leading Scandinavian design companies Hareide Designmill.In doing so, they also focused on eco-friendly design. Technologically renewable, recyclable, biodegradable materials have been used as far as possible.
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    Norwegian radiators are safe to operate even when you are not at home...
    Norwegian GLAMOX and ADAX NEO radiators have double insulation which means they don't require grounding. The radiator is designed so that the complete power supply is in a separate housing, the heater is on plastic sliding brackets and does not touch the metal parts of the radiator.

    In Europe, double insulated devices must be marked "Class II", "double insulated" or the double insulation symbol (two squares - one inside the other).
    Norwegian radiators have a built-in safety thermostat (safety fuse) that reacts only when needed, or when it comes to one improper operation of the radiator itself. For example. In case the curtain falls on the upper opening, the temperature rises above the permitted level or the installation is irregular, the safety thermostat / fuse will switch off the radiator automatically.

    The safety provided by a Norwegian radiator allows you to safely heat your apartment or house while you are at work and your children at school. Norwegian GLAMOX and ADAX NEO radiators possess all world and domestic quality and safety certificates. They are suitable for cottages where you can leave the radiators at a lower temperature and temperature while you are away, e.g. lest the water installation freeze. This makes it easier to reach the desired temperature upon arrival and later stay.


    By passing over a low-temperature heater of a large active surface, the air is heated to a temperature of about 80 ? C and exits directly into the upper opening to the room.
    At maximum operation, the outside temperature of the radiator does not exceed 82 ? C, which means that no burns can occur when touched. This is extremely important when it comes to young children who may touch the radiator in the game but will not get burned.


    Norwegian GLAMOX and ADAX NEO radiators like any other furniture in the house can cause injury and pain when you hit it. This is the reason why the Norwegian radiator has no sharp edges or angles.
    n children's rooms, this is one of the important details to keep in mind when choosing which radiator to buy. Of course, you have to have the same criteria when choosing heating for school, office, lounge and other institutions.

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    Keep warm only while you are staying in the house or apartment, maintain until you are at home.
    To optimally use your Norwegian radiator, you need to determine the temperature at which you and your household feel comfortable.
    By optimal comfortable temperature we mean the lowest temperature in a space where all users of the space feel comfortable. It is important to know that this temperature is not the same for everyone.
      The best way to determine the optimum comfortable lower temperature is to:
    • adjust the temperature e.g. 19oC
    • allow the temperature in the room to stabilize for a period of time (12 to 24 hours)
    • if you do not feel comfortable raise the temperature on the thermostat another degree 1oC
    • repeat this process until you reach a temperature where you feel comfortable
    • you have set a comfortable temperature and no longer have to adjust the thermostat.
    Any temperature setting above the optimum consumes more energy and costs more money rather than improving the room's temperature comfort.
    IMPORTANT! Improper use of the thermostat can significantly increase electricity bills. It is recommended that you do not adjust the temperature by increasing the temperature on the thermostat by more than 3oC when you are in the setting range of 18-25 oC.
    It is important to know that any degree of comfortable temperature higher than the lowest comfortable temperature consumes 5-7% more energy. Due to our progressive tariff system, the price of each degree can be up to 20% more in cash.

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    With constant quality control and workmanship of the highest quality materials we have ensured a guarantee for all Norwegian radiators from 5 years. The warranty covers all failures except those caused by mechanical damage or improper handling.

    Guarantee and out-of-warranty service provided. Professional and quality service personnel repair the Norwegian radiators for a maximum of 48 hours from service. Spare parts for all models, regardless of the year of purchase, are constantly provided.

    The friendly service staff is at your service.

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